What is the difference between swinging and prostitution

Swinging is consensual sex between Adults.

It is not a form of prostitution - No Money Changes Hands.

Swinging and Prostitution are very different and not compatible.

There are a couple of wrong ideas about swinging that we need to set right.

1. Swinging is free sex.

  • Yes, swinging is free sex, but sex is only between consenting adults who are attracted to each other.
  • The only time money should change hands is to make a donation to the person arranging a swingers party.

2. Women who swing are prostitutes.

  • No, A real swingers club or party will never pay a women to have sex with the guests.
  • As soon as a woman is paid to have sex with people at a club or party it is not swinging, it is prostitution.
  • Any clubs that list themselves with us as a swingers club, then pay a female member of staff to have sex with the men will be deleted from our lists.

3. If a woman is having sex in a club, we can all join.

  • No. The woman has the right to choose which man or men she has sex with. She may choose not to have sex at all.
  • In the swinging scene all sex must be consensual, the woman chooses who she wants to have sex with.
  • If a man tries to have sex with a woman after she, or her partner, has told him no; He is now committing a sexual assault and the hosts, other guests should pull him away and report him to the police for attempted rape.
  • If the other men at a party let a man have sex with a woman after she has said no, they are guilty of assisting in a rape and are also guilty of rape under the law.